Getting Started!

Choosing an ABA Therapy Provider is a challenging decision and not one that you should make lightly. Please read this collaboratively written informational guide to choosing an ABA Provider when seeking out treatment to ensure you are choosing the most ethical, kind, and compassionate care provider in your area.

If you are interested in your child receiving ABA therapy please complete the Preliminary Information Form.pdf and e-mail it to the Director, Cindy Bennett, by clicking here.

From this form we will be able to check your health insurance to ensure they cover ABA benefits.  If you do not have insurance open enrollment for a child only policy, enrollment typically begins November 15 and stays open through January.  

After we have provided you with the initial insurance information and you would like to proceed we will send you a New Client Application Packet.  Once we receive the completed Packet along with the requested paperwork such as the Diagnostic Assessment Report, videos and a prescription from your child's physician we can schedule the first Parent Consultation (caregivers only).  

    The Parent Consultation will provide you with the opportunity to meet our staff, see our facility, become acquainted with ABA and collectively go over the Intake Information while discussing concerns, accomplishments and struggles your child is experiencing.

    After the consultation, our BCBA and BCaBA will first determine whether or not your child meets our acceptance criteria. We will then double check to ensure your insurance has approved and we have the availability to accommodate your scheduling preferences. If for some reason we are not able to accommodate your schedule, we can place you on a temporary waiting list until we are able to accommodate your preferred times for treatment. Finally, the BCBA will schedule the Initial Assessment; this process takes about an hour and a half and is simply what we refer to as a play assessment. 

    Depending upon your insurance after the Initial Assessment, a preliminary Individualized Treatment Plan will be written and depending upon the policy we may schedule therapy immediately or we may need to wait for insurance approval.