Getting Started!

If you are interested in your child receiving ABA therapy please complete the Preliminary Information Form.pdf .  From this form we will be able to check your health insurance for ABA benefits.  If you do not have insurance open enrollment for a child only policy begins November 15 and stays open through January.  

After we have provided you with the initial insurance information and you would like to proceed we will send you a New Client Application Packet.  Once we receive the completed Packet along with the requested paperwork such as the Diagnostic Assessment Report, videos and a prescription from your child's physician we can schedule the first Parent Consultation (caregivers only).  

    The Parent Consultation will provide you with the opportunity to meet our staff, see our facility, become acquainted with ABA and collectively go over the Intake Information while discussing concerns, accomplishments and struggles your child is experiencing.  If you would like to proceed, it is determined that your child will likely meet our current criteria, insurance has approved and we have the availability (if not your child will be placed on a waiting list), the BCBA will schedule the Initial Assessment which is an hour and a half and begins with a play assessment.  

    Depending upon insurance after the Initial Assessment, a preliminary Individualized Treatment Plan will be written and depending upon the policy we may schedule therapy immediately or we may need to wait for insurance approval.  

    What to expect...


    Depending upon the skill level determined from the assessment therapy is typically divided between the the table (IT) which may be up to 30 minutes at a time or as little as 10 minutes per hour and the natural environment (NET).   IT may include such skills as receptive and expressive language, matching, sorting, common fill in answers to questions and peer and adult imitations.  IT teaches new skills while helping your child retain the skills they have mastered by reviewing them systematically at a ratio of 80/20.  Mastered skills for your child would be at a 80% level while new skills are introduced at a 20% level.   By reviewing mastered skills frequently it not only helps your child retain what he has learned, it also gives your child numerous opportunities to be successful and not feel overwhelmed with too many new targets being introduced.  


    Therapy is also provided in the natural environment (NET), which is learning through play and to encourage this we have a jump castle, several swings, a ball pit, a crash mat, board scooters and numerous toys to engage your child.  Some may call our natural environment play based therapy and to a point it is--but it is really so much more than that!  It looks like play and it is important your child is having fun but even in NET we are continually tracking progress and working on specific goals!   

    We provide 1:1 therapy for your child often involving several different therapists to promote generalization.  Each day a Daily Data Sheet or a Data Report (assessment) provides specific goals that are taken directly from your child's ITP.  During therapy data is continually being collected and recorded to make sure your child is making progress.  This allows us to analyze the data and to make changes if necessary so your child can continually make progress.

    Parent's Responsibility

    Parent's have a responsibility to be involved and to help families with this we offer online courses, personal video clips, hands on training and consultations with a BCBA.  


    Parents may also wish to take full advantage of "homework" opportunities by speaking with the Line Therapist at the end of a session or contacting the BCBA and scheduling a meeting to go over the homework opportunities.  The NET homework is great way to become involved in your child's therapy while creating a fun relationship since it is less structured and intensive than IT sessions making it easy to find moments throughout the day to reinforce skills with your child.  The BCBA can give you specific directions so that you can make this time fun--and not work!  And make sure that you are not unintentionally reinforcing unwanted behavior.