If you are looking for an individual insurance policy for your child that includes the autism mandate for Illinois...


Illinois has passed a law for individual and group health insurance policies and HMO contracts to cover ABA therapy for children with autism--however the Autism Law does have a few exceptions for group plans such as a self-insured and union plans which may opt out.  For a summary of this law go to the Illinois Department of Insurance's website at:  


If your child has been diagnosed with ASD we can help you determine whether your health insurance plan will provide coverage for ABA Therapy by submitting the Preliminary Form or calling 815.200.6751.

We offer in house, no interest payment plans for those with high deductibles or co-insurance.

We are in network for the following insurance companies:

If your policy is not listed and you would like to see it added please contact us.

Public Health Care Programs

Illinois Valley Autism Center is a DHS provider for the PUNS List.  For more information on the PUNS Program go to:   http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=32444

Unfortunately, the Autism Law specifically states that it does not change autism coverage provided by public health care programs such as FamilyCare and All Kids please see above link  for more information. However, it may make a difference if you are in a managed care network etc therefore we encourage you to find out exactly what coverage your child's specific plan has for autism treatment by calling the company that administers your plan and asking them if they recognize a BCBA provider and if they cover ABA therapy for your child.  Be prepared to give them a diagnosis codes which you should be able to obtain from the child's doctor.

If you card does not recognize a BCBA and ABA Therapy we encourage you to contact our state representatives and ask them to amend the law so it does not exclude these benefits for children on public health care programs!  

Private Pay

We offer discounts for those who are waiting to enroll when insurance becomes available.  Please contact us for rates.

If you are in need of health insurance for your child don't miss the limited time you will have to enroll!  

Open enrollment begins November 15th!  

As you can see we are in network with many insurance companies.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

Autism Foundation of the Illinois Valley

The Autism Foundation of the Illinois Valley is being formed in the area to help families obtain ABA therapy for their child affected by autism.  This Foundation is in its early stages however they are hoping to send off the paperwork for the 501(c)3 the last of August and hopefully be able to start fundraising soon.  

If you are interested in organizing a fund raising event we will try and have a link and/or more information up for you by September.  

If you would like for your child to be able to obtain ABA therapy but need assistance we will also try to have a link and/or more information up by July or give us a call to start the preliminary paperwork.


Insurance companies please contact us for our usual and customary rates. 

We are in network with many major insurance companies and have offered reasonable discounts.

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